Qualitative Methods in Health Research (2/2020)

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  • Venue

    Pyin Oo Lwin

  • Date

    30 June - 4 July 2020

QMHR (2)_Cover Photo


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Agenda / Program

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Day I
1 Orientation for Participants
2 Introduction to Qualitative Research
3 Watch and Learn
4 Distinction between Quantitative and Qualitative Research
5 Five Approach of Qualitative
6 Reading Party
7 Designing a Qualitative Research
8 Introduction to Myanmar Demographic Health and Survey (MDHS)
9 Briefing for Group Work
Day II
1 Qualitative Data Collection Methods
2 Focus Group Discussion
3 In-Depth Interview Key Informant Interview
4 Method to Generate Qualitative Data: Observation
5 Interviewing Technique and Interviewer’s Skills
6 Note Taking Transcript Writing Field Notes
7 Development of Qualitative Data Collection Tools
8 Global World Insurance Advertisement -interviewer skill (Audio File)
1 Sampling & Sample Size in Qualitative Research
2 Ensuring Rigor in Qualitative Research
Day IV
1 Approaches to Qualitative Data Analysis
2 Planning for Qualitative Data Analysis
3 Interpreting Qualitative Data
4 Presenting Qualitative Data
Day V
1 Ethical Issues in Qualitative Research
2 Mixed-Methods Research Design: What, Why, When and How?

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