Tabletop Exercise on Rapid Crisis of COVID-19 in Myanmar

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    Central Command Center, Office No.(4), Nay Pyi Taw

  • Date

    13 August 2020

Tabletop exercise on rapid crisis of COVID-19 in Myanmar


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Agenda / Program

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1. Global status report on health data systems and capacity _ Score for Myanmar
2. Socre to reach your health goals _ Indicators and Monitoring
3. SEARO Myanmar
4. Clinical Management Guidelines for COVID-19 Acute Respiratory Disease (23-7-2020)
5. Management Protocol for Covid-19 Acute Respiratory Disease (Version 08)
6. Overview of Hospital Preparedness for COVID-19 Outbreak in Myanmar
7. Summary for Guidelines in hospitals
8. Strengthening of PoEs in Context of COVID-19
9. Epidemiological situation of COVID-19 in Myanmar (as of 13-8-2020)
10. Biosafety and Biosecurity
11. Summary of Contact Tracing and Quarantine Guidelines
12. Tabletop exercise on rapid crisis of COVID-19 in Myanmar

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